The Health & Fitness Hub (HFH) was designed for those looking to make a serious commitment to their long-term health. We have the expertise of a registered Biokineticist and Fitness coach. Together we provide you with the tools to make your body more resilient to injury and chronic conditions.

Our Biokineticist is a registered medical professional and movement expert. Biokineticists can provide you with movement diagnosis as they have a thorough understanding of functional anatomy. Simply put, they understand how your body should move. Biokineticists can identify dysfunctional movement patterns which may be a key contributer the pain you may be experiencing in your muscles and/or joints. In addition, these medical professionals understand various chronic conditions (i.e., arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure) and how exercise can be applied affectively as medicine in your unique case. Biokinetics services are covered by medical aid as long as you have benefits or savings available. Click here to contact our Biokineticist

Medical aid health and fitness assessment. Our Biokineticist is registered with Discovery (Discovery Vitality Wellness) and Bestmed (Tempo wellness programme) to provide their health and fitness assessments. Earn your points today by booking your appointment. Click Here to book your spot!

Our Fitness Coach focuses not only on enhancing sport performance but also on providing fitness training for a broad variety of individuals. Whether you have never taken part in exercise or if you are quite the keen fitness junkie, our fitness professional can help you! Our special offer is 2 FREE training sessions with our sport scientist to find out exactly what we are about.

Together we provide Medicine in Motion. We use physical therapy / exercise as a form of medicine to maintain or enhance your health and fitness. We also continuously keep up to date with the latest techniques to provide you with the best possible care.



Our areas of focus

  • Orthopaedic injury rehabilitation (muscles, ligaments, joints, bones)
  • Non-surgical, conservative treatment
  • Pre & post surgery treatment
  • Return to sport testing following an injury
  • Chronic condition management with exercise treatment (athritis, diabetes, high blood pressure)
  • Special populations (amputess, elderly, pregnancy)
  • Medical aid health & fitness assessments

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Orthpaedic injury / condition treatment

We perform thorough assessments and treatment of various injuries or conditions. The evaluation process is specific to you and your unique complaint. This is vital so that we can bettter understand the root cause of your problem and the treatment required. Remember, no one injury or condition is exactly the same. As a result, your treatment plan is tailored to you. Our goal is to get you back to normal functioning so that you can get back to the things you enjoy.

Chronic conditions management and prevention

We perform in-depth assessments of a specific chronic condition/s. Conditions that have been previously diagnosed with by a medical doctor. We tailor evaluations with your unique condition so that the treatment plan addresses your needs. This is key so that we can ensure that your treatment process is safe and effective. Exercise should be an important part of any management programme for most chronic conditions. 


Group and private fitness sessions

We offer both private (one on one) and group-based exercise classes under the guidance of an exercise and fitness specialist. Packages are offered with unique benefits to provide a more holistic and individualized approach to your health and fitness. Achieve your health and fitness goals while having fun at the same time. We provide fitness classes that are affordable and of the highest quality.

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Gino is very knowledgable and I feel that I am in very capable hands during his gym sessions. He explains and demonstrates each strength and conditioning exercise so well which is why I have achieved my strength and fitness goals. At 52, my body is leaner, stronger and pain free as a result of Gino. Gino is friendly, approachable, diligent, encouraging and organized. I remain one of his biggest fans because he has added REAL value to my body.


Gino assisted me with a shoulder injury a few years ago. He provides an excellent service, pays attention to detail and really goes the extra mile to help you sort out injuries and get you motivated to be more fit and healthy. He shared some fun and much needed exercise classes during lockdown. They really helped to keep me positive and motivated to keep moving. I highly recommend him.


The service received has been of very high standard, the patience and the detailed analysis of my challenge was very insightful. I liked the fact that Ghino indicated that this is the first phase, go & do the exercise program I have designed for you & we can monitor the progress. The use of the app to keep our communication is for awesome at least I know he is also getting and giving feedback as I progress. This is my first time working with a bio that is th


My husband and I have been training with Gino for a year now and will without a doubt recommend him! We have been training two times per week and the results are really remarkable not only are we losing body fat but my overall strength has improved drastically. This has inspired us to take on 3 sessions per week. As a biokineticist he ensures that we complete the exercises in the correct manner (body alignment). Our exercise program is never dull or boring and<


Health and Fitness Hub with Gino Has is Helping me to achieve my Fitness Goals in a Safe and Controlled way. I Would definitely recommend Gino if you do not like Commercial facility's and need specialized individualized attention that does not break the bank